25 Ways To Become The Happiest Version Of Yourself

thoughts for the new year

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I wish I had the perfect recipe and could douse you all with a concoction of a timeless and magical potion for lifelong happiness. I’m hoping that many of you already live happy and fulfilling lives, but in my opinion, there’s always room for improvement. So since I can’t provide miracles, but can instead provide experience, I’ve come prepared with some interchangeable core essentials. Here’s a list of what I’ve come up with when drinking a bottle of wine on a Monday doesn’t work:

1. Discover your sense of purpose and your relevance to the world. Use it wisely and live your daily life with this in mind.

2. Pay off your debt. You have no idea the freedom it will bring you! For many of us, student loans are inevitable, but drowning in bills as you begin your adult life will undoubtedly eat away at your soul.A second…

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